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Having a well structured phone system in a hotel can be a very valuable asset. With the right setup, your system can be used for: call accounting, keeping track of guests’ long distance calls for proper billing; structured voicemail system, allowing guests to receive messages and wakeup calls; building management, by allowing maids to enter in a code that tells the system when a room has been cleaned and is ready for the next guest, which is much more efficient than a person-to-person relay system. Your phones can be much more crucial to your bottom line revenue than you ever thought, and CommTech can provide you with the perfect system for just that purpose. Contact us today if a professional, money-saving phone system sounds appealing, and become the streamlined, efficient hotel you know you can be!

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Unified Communications

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, the saying goes. There’s also more than one way to say “Hey you, it’s me!” People delight in their communications freedom, and this has spawned a whole variety of ways to get in contact with others. Some use the telephone, some their cell phone, some people prefer internet communications. Whatever the mode, the end purpose is always the same: relaying information between two or more people. In a business world, all these loose ended communication types can get a bit out of hand. With a unified communications system in place, you’re able to tie all those ends together and come out on the other side with a reliable and organized path of information flow. CommTech can help design you a system that will incorporate all of you and your customers’ communications into one cohesive whole. Messages sent over voicemail can be listened to on either the phone or over the internet, texts sent out can be read on multiple platforms, and people are able to interact with a much larger target group than they would otherwise be able to. Why spend extra time and effort keeping track of who needs to be responded to where, when CommTech is here? Contact us today, and start reaping the benefits of a unified communications system in your business.

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Communications are a necessary part of any business, and a telephone system is part of that necessity; however, if you also have an internet network installed (which is as essential as the phones), you can easily combine the two and start saving money on monthly bills. With a VOIP system installed, your calls are transferred digitally through the internet instead of a telephone landline. In this digital age we live in, everyone is moving more and more toward the ‘cutting of cords’. It only makes sense to combine these two services into one convenient and easy system that can cut your phone costs by up to 75%. Contact CommTech today and ask us about a VOIP system to see if it’s right for your business.

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