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Cellular Amplification

South Dakota: those who call it home know it to be a beautiful expanse of rolling prairie, surprising variety, and wonderfully un-crowded. However, this expanse can wreak havoc on your cell phone reception. Many areas are just too rural for the reaching fingers of cell tower signal to grasp on to. Are you about fed up with balancing on your left pinky toe while standing next to that one upstairs window when making calls? Don’t move away just yet! CommTech has a range of cellular amplifiers/repeaters that can extend those ‘fingers’, so you’ll find yourself comfortably held in the palm of reliable cell phone service once more. Our amplifiers utilize a roof mounted antenna aimed in the direction of strongest signal, boosting that signal and sending it to your phone, then also boosting the outgoing signal from your phone itself. Many people have ‘cut the cord’ and use only cell phones for their home phones, so weak signal can be completely preclusive to communication.

If this is a problem for you, CommTech has your solution! Give us a call (or email, as the case may be!) and we’ll restore your faith in your cell phone today.


What is the number one amenity that people seem to care the most about when it comes to hotels? Fluffy pillows? Giant pools? A free breakfast? Free parking? None of those things, actually. The most important hotel feature that guests today hold above all else is internet connectivity, or Wi-Fi. With guests increasingly packing along more and more devices that connect to the internet, those devices become the central point of the in-hotel time, and if your Wi-Fi network can’t keep up, then guest satisfaction drops drastically. Poor internet service can lose you repeat business, garner you bad reviews, and prevent new guests from staying at your hotel. If you don’t believe that, just check out this website, created for the sole purpose of evaluating and subsequent ranking of hotel internet service: Critical mass has been reached, and the necessity for internet connectivity isn’t going to minimize; rather, it will only become more and more important. All the more reason to call CommTech today and have us propel your hotel business forward with a high-tech, fast-speed network infrastructure. We have everything you need to ensure your guests will have the positive Wi-Fi experience that keeps them satisfied and coming back to your establishment the next time they’re in town. Believe the importance of Wi-Fi, and give us a call today.

Wi-Fi Networks

The internet has been a major vehicle of change over the last two decades, and today it is almost as important a utility as the electricity you use to power it. Arguably, in a business setting, it IS as important. Whatever your setting, CommTech has the equipment and technical proficiency to set you up with a great network infrastructure that can meet your connectivity demands. If you simply would like to upgrade your components, CommTech can recommend and provide the right ones for the job. If you’re starting from scratch, we’re still right there with you! We have several options for data cabling, and our technicians can help you choose the right one for your needs. We’re excited to get you connected and up-to-date, so don’t delay! Contact us right now and we’ll get you on your way to a better internet experience.

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